Mortein Pest Control Products For Sale

What is mortein used for?Mortein is an Australian brand of household insecticide owned by the British company Reckitt. Together with its sister product Aerogard, a popular insect repellent, Mortein is widely used in Australia and is marketed internationally. Mortein Product Suppliers

Is mortein machine safe?


The short answer is ‘yes’. One can use electrical devices like the Mortein Insta 5 Machine on a daily basis whenever mosquitoes create an issue. … Moretin Insta 5 machine can be used even if you have pets in your house – birds, dogs and cats included.

Mortein Fast Knockdown Multi Insect Killer and Raid One Shot Flying Insect Killer are commonly used household aerosols that can be bought at your local supermarket. It is important to find out the effects the chemicals may have in your household.

These products are aerosols and can affect you and your family through inhalation and skin absorption. More detail and how to use a product safely is through finding the chemical’s Safety Data Sheet (SDS). This was easily found on the Mortein website however the Raid SDS was only supplied for a similar product. Both of these state not to inhale, and to avoid contact with skin and eyes. It is important the safety directions are followed as over-exposure can lead to coughing, and skin, eye and respiratory tract irritation.

The same approach to protect humans from insect killer applies to your pets as well. However in regards to your fish, these insect killers are toxic to aquatic life therefore cover your fish tanks or reconsider using around them.

To avoid adverse effects, read and follow the labels on the aerosol can. After reviewing both insect killers they detail the relevant information in line with their SDS’s on how to use, precautions, first aid, and storage and disposal. These need to be noted as they give an indication of the harm the chemical can do.

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